Thursday, October 17, 2013

Heart-Ships – A Band Review

     Yesterday, the Indie Obsessive email box received an invitation from Heart-Ships to review the official video for “Pinhole of Light.” Coincidently, the song was on our list of singles to feature in a blog entry, so the invitation was welcomed. Heart-Ships reminds us of what we like about the Irish band Bell X1, which reminds us of what we liked about David Byrne when he was with Talking Heads.
     Heart-Ships is based in Leeds. The members are Ryan Cooke (vocals, guitar, and saw), Dave Hill (vocals, guitar, harmonica, and cello), James Nuttall (lead guitar), Matt Stephenson (clarinet, keys, and backing vocals), Alex Papaioannou (bass and backing vocals), and Josh Hannaby (drums). The band just announced the departure of guitarist Winterbird Footfeet.
     In “Pinhole of Light,” the wood-meets-metal percussion and light guitar get matters rolling. But it’s the combination of instruments, lyrics and vocalization that distinguishes the song from ones we enjoy but don’t find blog-worthy. We even like the warbling at the 2:55 mark of the song.
The starting lyrics (as we understand them):
I cling to the glance, I’d occasionally see.
On the warm summer nights
When we’d dance and your heart was free.
And we were sure.
In a stranger’s embrace, lingered release
But I been a stranger in everybody’s… but yours.
These things will make me old.
And these things will make me old.

     The press release that accompanied the email invitation provides interesting background about Heart-Ships:
Following the release of their debut EP, Heart-Ships now reveal the follow up single ‘Pinhole of Light’ with an intimate live performance based video, shot in their Leeds rehearsal room.
‘Pinhole of Light’, recorded with Tim Hampton of Sheffield band, Bromheads, marks a seminal moment in the band’s promising development. A sound that has been honed and sharpened with the clarity of live performances worthy of plaudits from fans and critics alike.
Evolving from their roots in Leeds, Heart-Ships crafted "EP 1" with an overwhelming sense of a call to arms. Ryan Cooke’s rousing, yet endearingly fragile, vocals light up rallies of unrelenting instrumentation, bringing to life lyrics that are woven as staggeringly powerful and intimate narratives. As Cooke puts it, “lyrics imbue pursuing a sense of wonder, a will to explore the tension between transcendental or meditative type experiences and being confined to a body."

     Currently, the band is allowing free downloads of ""Pinhole of Light" (actuallly, for the price of an email address). The offer is embedded below

        “Five Forks of Lightning” has more than one energy build that even by themselves would make the song worthwhile.

      Because the email invitation from Heart-Ships related to the video, we feel an obligation to conclude this blog entry with the video.

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