Wednesday, December 3, 2014

“In Slow Motion” by Youth Mass – A Song Review

     Indie Obsessive is in a “short attention span mode” of posting, so there isn’t much fluff. That said, we quickly note that “In Slow Motion” by Youth Mass is an impressive hybrid of early Rock and Post-Rock. It’s early Rock because the guitars have a purity that pre-dates the movement to add distortion effects to Rock guitars. It’s Post-Rock in the final two minutes, with the de-emphasize from lyrics and, more importantly, the focus on repetition and layering in the guitar work to define the rhythm and other main characteristics of the song.
     Youth Mass is an Irish band (Trim in County Mearth). The members are Darren Mullarkey (vocals), Neil Nevins (guitar), Barry Mullarkey (bass) and Willy Gray (drums).

     “In Slow Motion” by Youth Mass

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