Saturday, December 6, 2014

“Light Shines Through Dust” by Lontalius – A Song Review

     Contributor: Karen M.  

     Lontalius (otherwise known as Eddie Johnston), a 17 year old from New Zealand, recently released this equally melancholic yet uplifting song aptly titled “Light ShinesThrough Dust.”  The email submission contained a link to an interview that took us to Fader, where Lontalius was interviewed to provide additional information about Eddie and his music. According to that interview, “Light Shines Through Dust” is “a burned-out song about feeling stuck in love.”  
     The initial stripped down guitar work was enough to compel me to listen to this song. Lontalius then joined in with his soft somber vocals at the 0:20 mark. His voice is mesmerizing, and seemingly awkward, which seems to match the description of himself in his interview with Fader.  In that interview, Eddie stated that he is a self-proclaimed introvert and that he was a “guitar guy.” “It took me a long time to work up the courage to sing.”  This song is moving in its heartfelt sincerity and shyness, as if it is peering at me from around the corner.  I’ve always had great compassion for all things awkward, a special fondness towards introverts, cheering on those who often feel comfortable hiding in the shadows of shyness.
     Lontalius is currently working on his first debut full-length, and this is his first glimpse towards that effort.

      “Light Shines Through Dust” by Lontalius


      If you enjoy his vocals, we also recommend checking out his brief contribution to Tunji Ige’s “The Ex Song (Featuring Lontalius),” which is a hip hop effort.  Check out the 1:17 mark. This is also a worthwhile hip hop track (which is currently offered as a free download).

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