Wednesday, April 19, 2017

“Cut to Ribbons” by Elizabeth – A Song Review

     The first seconds of “Cut to Ribbons” are more rhythmic vibration than melody. The melody is soon textured in by a guitar with resemblances to the style of The Cure. The vocals enter and the listener can settle into a false comfort – the song fits snuggly into a Post Punk category. But when an acoustic guitar is briefly featured at 0:44, it is clear that the song by Elizabeth is too dynamic to pigeonhole. In fact, perhaps the most attractive feature of “Cut to Ribbons” is the low-distortion Rock guitar layered over a strong bass line at the two-minute mark.

     Elizabeth does identify itself as an Indie Post Rock band. The quartet is formed of Davor Katinic (guitar), Rory O’Sullivan (bass), and twin brothers Reggie Gill (vocals, guitar) and Paul Gill (drums). They have been releasing music from Vancouver, British Columbia, since their debut album “First Excommunications” in 2007.

     “Cut to Ribbons” is a powerful beat over subject matter evidencing vulnerability. The combination of demonstrating strength and confessing weakness establishes a balance that distinguishes the track from other songs deserving more attention than they are currently receiving. The song is on the third album from Elizabeth. The album, “Death to Rebels!” was released via Red Coat Record Company.

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