Wednesday, January 17, 2018

“Head on Backwards” by s//p – A Song Review

     Psych-Electronic Rock is a genre with a fanbase that seems to grow every year. We don’t count ourselves as taking residence in that fanbase. Most of the songs we favor from the genre are on the border of being “guilty pleasures.” “Head on Backwards” by s//p qualifies as an exception, because it has a sophistication that sets the track apart from the collective work from the genre.

     The intro of “Head on Backwards” has an ambient vibe that seamlessly transitions into an orchestral theme with an emphasis on the sound of a horn section. At the 0:43 mark, a coup occurs with an infectious energy. A low-frequency rumble establishes the foundation on which the rhythm is built. Initially, the vocals provide another layer in the texturing, but when the vocals step aside, the rumble provides a contrast with the higher register guitar.

     Pinpointing one feature of “Head on Backwards” that is a standout for us, there is a crescendo that begins a slow build at 1:57. Crescendos within a song having the energy of this track typically feel forced. The build in “Head on Backwards,” on the other hand, has a fit so comfortable that the listener may not recognize the ride to a higher energy level until near its point of drop-off.  

     s//p (pronounced “slip”) is the project of Taylor Brown of Los Angeles. He adopted the name s//p partially because of the difficulty of finding an available name in the current Indie environment and, more significantly, because “s//p looks like it’s literally slipping away from itself before course correcting at the end. Also, I like the way it looks,” Taylor explains.

     “Head on Backwards” will appear on s//p’s album “The Cost.” The track was mastered by Howie Weinberg and produced by Taylor Brown & Jules De Gasperis.

      "Head on Backwards” by s//p 

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  1. Thank you for writing these very detailed reviews from songs. Keep up the good work. I'm going to be checking everyday from now. You seem like a person passionate about music as much as I am. I put together a playlist on Spotify you could check it out... it has some of indie psyrock which you don't like that much but why not.