Tuesday, January 30, 2018

“We’re the Brave” by Stage Republic – A Song Review

     “We’re the Brave” is an often thunderous anthem of self-assurance and inner strength. The track from Stage Republic begins with a Synth Pop energy and periodic bursts of percussion as support for declarations such as:
We are fierce
We are fighters when we need
To stand our ground
We can’t back down
We are soldiers deep inside
Feel our pride

We’re the Brave!

    The early Synth Pop doesn’t carry throughout “We’re the Brave.” The song’s chorus incorporates elements of Rock, increasing the track’s draw.   

     Stage Republic are a Netherlands’ duo committed to their music. Singer/songwriter Corjan de Raaf met producer Bart Janssen when he performed live on a radio show in 2013. The two discovered they were musically compatible and started on a journey together as Stage Republic. Janssn is the guitarist in “We’re the Brave.” Singer De Raaf - re-baptized “Raven” for the English crowd - is the motor behind the band in extreme DIY fashion. The band does its own productions, artwork, promotion and distribution; all for the love of great music. Over the years, the band has been building up a small but faithful following around the globe and is a fixture on Indie Radio Stations in the Netherlands, US, UK and Canada. Recently, Stage Republic caught the ear of legendary engineer/producer Jay Messina, the man behind the sounds of Aerosmith, Kiss and Supertramp. Messina mastered the band's last two releases ("Frailty" and "We're the Brave").

     “We’re the Brave” by Stage Republic 

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