Wednesday, March 14, 2018

“Fighting With The Devil” by Chris Arnott – A Song Review

     Many (most) interviews with actors and producers upon the release of a film are littered with superlatives and hyperbole. Musicians are more relaxed and honest, but rarely are descriptions of a song as endearingly sincere as Chris Arnott’s account of “Fighting With The Devil.” The full paragraph is pasted below (after the Spotify stream).

     Chris Arnott refers to the track as “no masterpiece but it is a piece of me. I hope you enjoy it.” The song was motivated by the death of a friend, who lost in the battle with his devil. According to Chris, “It’s boring. It’s slow. It’s tedious. It’s monotonous. It’s also beautiful.” We fully agree with the final portion, and we agree that the piano is repetitious. But the repetition does not become tiresome and represents the life most people would welcome – beauty in the day-to-day routines.

     The lyrics are poetic and the vocals are calm. Despite the motivation for the song, “Fighting With The Devil” is uplifting.

     “Fighting With The Devil” by Chris Arnott

Quoting Chris Arnott:
  "I drafted this more than a few times. Unforgivable wankery and lofty sentences. Numerous Oscar Wilde quotes accompanied by tongue twisting testimonials about duty to art and self-flattering rubbish to make myself seem so much smarter than I actually am. But this isn’t about me but it is me. It’s about a friend of mine who is gone. Forever. It is about everybody who’s ever felt what it is to feel nothing. It’s about the girl in the corner over there putting on a brave face as she cries behind her glasses. It’s about the little boy that no one wants to play with. It’s about the over achiever whom everybody turns to like a beacon in the night whose own flame went out years ago. It’s about the loyal AF black dog that gravitates so eagerly to the side of over half of your friends and loved ones. It’s boring. It’s slow. It’s tedious. It’s monotonous. It’s also beautiful. Caring. Smart. Touching. Curious. Engaging and enduring. It is depression. This is by far the most honest piece of work I have ever put out to the world. It’s glaringly vulnerable and I trust that you’ll understand where it comes from. It’s no masterpiece but it is a piece of me. I hope you enjoy it."

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