Thursday, August 9, 2018

“All I Need” by Bahama Bleach – A Song Feature

     Bahama Bleach has skilled guitarists and isn’t afraid to unleash them. “All I Need” features galloping percussion and a seemingly infinite supply of attractive guitar hooks. The synth plays a significant role, particularly in the last minute of the song, but Bahama Bleach is a guitar band, at least based on “All I Need.”

     We were fans of the track during the first two minute of “All I Need.” Still, appreciation turned into obsession during the instrument-only portion starting shortly after the two-minute mark. That instrumental portion begins strong and then turns stronger, as the guitar interplay shifts at 2:35.

     The members of Bahama Bleach are Callum Christie (vocals, guitar), Oliver Marson (guitar, synth), James Selvey (bass), and Anthony Paine (drums). Christie and Marson formed the band when they moved to London after meeting at Reading University.

      Bahama Bleach released its debut single, “Someone Else,” earlier this year. The single was recorded at David Leighton’s Riverrun Studios in the quiet suburbs of Potton, Cambridgeshire. The band committed to releasing other tracks recorded during the sessions at Riverrun, with the releases happening while they were gigging around London and the rest of the UK. “All I Need” is a second delivery on that commitment ("For a Week" was the first).

     “All I Need” by Bahama Bleach

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