Sunday, September 2, 2018

“In The Red” by CREO – A Song Feature

     CREO is at its best when the message of a song calls for raw passion. Their track “Behind The Beat” landed in the Indie Obsessive top 10 tracks of 2017, because they answered that call by starting with an emotional dust devil and building to a near-psychotic cyclone. Now, CREO brings “In The Red.” The track has a demeanor that is unfalteringly purposefully, but twice ramps into a passionate scream. The first is more of an unexpected explosion that occurs just prior to the two-minute mark. The second happens at 3:30 as part of the guitar-driven Rock that carries most of the final minute.

     Frontman Jorjee Haman described the meaning behind the track:
  “’In The Red' is all about the cyclical nature of being a creative trying to achieve something. Sometimes you lose sight of why and focus on when, and then it feels like you’re treading water aimlessly. That feeling of doing the same thing over and over and achieving what you think are the same results is a feeling that I really struggled with last year especially; I dare say I’m not the only one who goes through these emotional ruts, for lack of a better word. We sacrifice a lot to be able to pursue a career in the arts, and that can sometimes take a beating on your mental health. ‘In The Red’ is me desperately pleading whilst in that fragile moment of insecurity that something’s got to give”.

          CREO is based in Sydney, Australia. The members are Jorjee Haman (vocals), Carlos Romanos (guitar), Daniel Tsoltoudis (drums), and Alex Milano (bass). 

      “In The Red” by CREO

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