Friday, September 28, 2018

“Sewer Cap (Dead Sea)” by Jailbox – A Song Premiere

     “Sewer Cap (Dead Sea)” is the most thoughtfully orchestrated harmonization of lyrics, vocals and instruments that you will hear in 2018, and beyond. The track from Jailbox masterfully aligns instrumental soundscapes with lyrical content and ear-warming vocals that stir emotions expressed in that content.

      Jailbox describes “Sewer Cap (Dead Sea)” as personal reflections in the aftermath of a relationship mauled and drowned by fraud/deceit. It’s the drowning theme that is most apparent, sometimes in subtle statements and other times as a blistering metaphor. Beginning at 2:24, the line “Holding my breath, [you] taking me under” is repeated frequently, but with varying force. Fast-paced piano creates an image of rapidly moving water and strings introduce a quiet tension. The tension becomes disquieting first using increasingly anguished backing vocals and then (at 3:07) a pained guitar.

     The sound of Jailbox is certainly Folk-influenced, as best evidenced by their skillful employment of lush harmonization. Jailbox is also symphonic, atmospheric and cinematic. Listening to “Sewer Cap (Dead Sea),” there are reminders of the 1970s heyday of Kansas (who came from Topeka, less than 400 miles from Perryville, Missouri, the hometown of Jailbox).

           The band is now based in Kansas City, Missouri. The members of Jailbox are Joseph Bassa (vocals, guitars, percussion), Andrew Tanz (vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass, percussion), and Aaron Essner (percussion, drums).

     “Sewer Cap (Dead Sea)” by Jailbox – A Song Premiere

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