Friday, April 5, 2013

A Darker Side (Part II) – British India

     This is the second of two blog entries with something of a dark side (for Part I, CLICK HERE). The band is British India from Melbourne, Australia. The four members of the band are Matt O'Gorman, Will Drummond, Nic Wilson and Declan Melia. According to all reports, British India is a high energy concert band.
There are plenty of songs that will state the equivalent of “I can’t make you love me.” Bonnie Raitt has a song that has that title (covered by Adele). But British India goes in the opposite direction. The song is “I Can Make You Love Me.” 

     The lyrics begin, ““If you’re reading this then that means that I am dead.” OK, that gets things rolling. Later, there is a reference to not being able to help yourself but love the dead. In the video, the singer is a beast, literally. Is this a reference to reincarnation? The video begins with the protagonist following a string. Is it a string that was left in his earlier life in order to help relocate the love-interest?” We’re assuming the answer is yes and yes.

     By the way, the beast has issues. Smoking, drinking and anger management issues. And by the way, this song rocks.
     “I Can Make You Love Me” by British India 

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