Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Magic Man - Band Review

UPDATE - September 10, 2013 - Unfortunately, Magic Man removed most of its free downloads. We understand, because they have moved to a level of notoriety at which giving away music is not a good business move.  We wish them continued success, because they have earned it. 

On the other hand, "Every Day" was made available for a while (press the arrow to access the song:

     Magic Man is a synth-rock band  that hails from Providence, Rhode Island. The band started as a duo, but Sam Lee and Alex Caplow have been joined by Justine Bowe, Nolan Robert, and Daniel Radin.  Another significant artist is the person who provided the artwork for the two releases this year – “Texas” and “Paris.”  Ted Wiggin is credited with the artwork. Nice work Ted.
     But the music must keep the attention of potential fans, and Magic Man delivers. “Texas” exhibits the vocal strenghth of the band, as well as the ability to smoothlessly transition among energy levels. A good example of an energy transition is around the 1:00 mark of the song.
     "Texas" by Magic Man 

      "Paris" by Magic Man 

      Here is something from the "old" Magic Man (2011) - "Darling"

 "Nova Scotia."


  1. Cannot stop listening to Magic Man, love this duo so much. "Paris" is definitely one of my favorites!

  2. The new album, Behind The Waves is AWESOME. So excited to see Magic Man live in Seattle, July 15th!!! "Out Of Mind" is one of my favorites!!!

  3. love this group. While ur at it check out a new group on Souncloud with their rough sample 'Panoramic haus'

  4. Just saw Magic Man in Seattle the other night and they were amazing!! Out Of Mind had to be my favorite of the night!!