Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SOLO. – A Band Review

     This is our first post after a short break to spend an enjoyable three days at the Coachella music festival. Certainly, attending live performances is our preferred music-related activity, but writing about our recent music discoveries is enjoyable as well. This is a blog entry about an artist who we appreciate, and who is either willing to take risks or is in need of a publicity agent.
     There is almost an audible snicker from a computer when you attempt to learn something about a musician by entering “Solo” into an Internet search engine, such as Google. To lower the number of hits to something less than one million, we entered “Solo” with the name of his song “Alone Tonight,” only to find that the search engine concluded we were looking for synonyms of “solo” and “alone.” Fortified by the feeling that in the quest to discover information about Solo we were not companionless, stag or unaccompanied (yes, we checked out the list of synonyms), we entered the name of his 2012 EP – “Read with Your Eyes Shut.” This did lead us to relevant information, but not as much as this artist deserves.

     SOLO. is the performance name of Solomon Major, who is based in London. As apparent from the above picture, he is young. But he has already developed skills, with the most significant of his talents being the ability to layer guitars. At times, the layering is seamless, so that guitar riffs may enter and exit without being noticed by the casual listener. At other times, the transitions are more apparent, such as at the 3:48 mark of “Alone Tonight.”
     SOLO. is offering free downloads, making these FLR (Free, Legal and Recommended) downloads.
     “Alone Tonight” by SOLO.    

     “Ghost” by SOLO.

     “Stay True” by SOLO.

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