Sunday, April 14, 2013

Jai Paul- An Artist Review

     Jai Paul is a British producer and songwriter from Rayners Land, UK.  We first heard "BTSTU (Demo)," which was released in 2011, and we were instantly pleased by the downbeat and chill sound it has to it, giving it that blissful feel.
     Jai Paul is signed to XL Records and has kept out of the public eye, giving him a sense of mystery. BTSTU has had widespread coverage in many countries since the release date. But as Jai Paul continues to grow as an artist , he has become more widely known in the United States. Jai Paul’s genre is considered to be “Pop” and he utilizes a synthesizer throughout most of his songs.  Rapper Drake and R&B singer Beyonce have used samples of BTSTU in their tracks “Dreams Money Can Buy” and “Til the End of Time.” Jai Paul featured another single on his SoundCloud page entitled “Jasmine,” which surfaced in late March, 2012. "Jasmine" was named “Best New Track” within an hour of its release; pretty impressive!  He definitely deserves more recognition, and we would like to see him tour the United States.

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