Sunday, April 14, 2013

Broken Anchor - A Band Review

     We chanced upon the Los Angeles group Broken Anchor. Truthfully, we went to their website expecting to assess a sampler from the recording company Broken Arrow. Rather than a sampler of different recording artist under the same label, we bumped into songs from a band we soon wanted to add to our mental library of noteworthy artists.  So, we admit to being lucky, which is not a tough attribute to deal with as you go through life. Best yet, Broken Anchor is offering their sampler for FREE!
     The Broken Anchor sampler has a number of worthwhile songs, but we particularly favor “Dear Diary.” The voice of Austin Hartley-Leonard is easily enough to maintain our interest in the song through its first two minutes and thirty seconds. Then, at the 2:30 mark, the song takes a slight turn – not vocally, but instrumentally. Mike Duffy is the percussionist. It is not a major transition, but it is enough of a shift that it becomes a "listener’s interest refresh.” Well done guys!

    The five-song sampler of Broken Anchor is available as a free download from the band’s website – have the option (not requirement) of leaving an email address. We did so, since we wanted receive email updates regarding the band. 
      As another option, you can download the same five songs, but with a darker sixth song, “Stencil Heart,” by downloading the sampler from the NoiseTrade site -  
     "Dear Diary" by Broken Anchor

     After “Dear Diary,” we recommend “Never Leave Me Alone,” because the song has more of a rock edge to it. If it matters to you, there is an “F Bomb” or two.
     "Never Leave Me Along" by Broken Anchor

     "Leave the Light On" by Broken Anchor

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