Monday, April 1, 2013

It’s Not Nepotism, I Really Like Daughter.

     This blog has two authors. “D & D” reflects the Daughter and Dad connection. So, for the older of the two of us, a band called Daughter seemed perfect. But the concern was that the band name had too great an influence on the judgment of the band’s music, which isn’t normally of the type that maintains my interest.
     We did slide in a mention of Daughter on March 11 (CLICK HERE), when we included their song “Home” in a post of songs with the same name. But it’s time to devote an entire post to Daughter – THEIR MUSIC DESERVES IT. With each song I hear, I like this band more. And my co-blogger is on board with that assessment. 

     If you look to the column to the left, you’ll notice that we track the appearances of musical guests on late night television shows. In October 2012, Daughter was on David Letterman (the video is included below). Letterman got a little “creepy” at the end, but he often has uncomfortable interactions with bands. How can someone with enviable social skills when speaking to non-musical artists become so unskilled with musicians? The guy moves from being a quick wit to being a nitwit. In their appearance, Daughter performed “Youth.” The members of Daughter are Elena Tonra (vocals and guitar), Igor Haefeli (guitar), and Remi Aguilella (drums).
     The Facebook page of Daughter shows them as being in Portland on Saturday May 18th and then Los Angeles on Tuesday May 21st. Typically, a gap that large during a tour by a European band indicates a performance between the two cities. Of course, we are cheering for a return  to San Francisco, but the 19th is the all-day BFD concert opportunity at Shoreline in Mountain View. A return to the Independent on May 20 would be perfect, but is likely asking too much. 
     "Home" by Daughter

     "Smother" by Daughter

     "Medicine" by Daughter

     "Still" by Daughter

     "Youth" by Daughter

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