Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Echotape - A Band Review

     We have to buy a new globe. Our current globe shows the U.K. as having a size that would allow it to fit within other geographical boundaries that provide an impressive amount of innovative music. As examples, the impression is that the U.K. could comfortably fit into either Texas or California. But it seems that we hear something new and likeable from the U.K. on an almost daily basis. Three possible explanations are (1) the U.K. produces a disproportionate amount of high quality music, (2) the U.K. bloggers and promoters excel at bringing the region’s bands to the ears of music lovers, and (3) we own a defective globe. Since the third possibility is the easiest to remedy, we choose that one.
     Today, we want to introduce Echotape, a band from Wallop (southern England, according to our soon to be trashed globe). In “Cannot Stop,” the band’s name is appropriate. At the start of the song, the use of echo is effective. But it’s the emotion-filled assertion, “I cannot stop loving you” that establishes the walkaway appreciation for the song.
     "Cannot Stop" by Echotape

We also enjoy the guitar work within songs “Hades” and “Far From Heaven,” and the piano within the song “Puppet Show.”
     "Hades" by Echotape

     "Far from Heaven" by Echotape

     "Puppet Show" by Echotape

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