Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wildlife (Canada) - Band Review

     Yesterday’s blog entry was about Wildlife Control, a band based in the U.S. (New York and California). This entry goes north, but the band names have a common connection. Wildlife is a Canadian band (Toronto, Ontario).
     Wildlife is about anthems. For example there is the “Born to Ruin,” which was released in 2013. The lyrics end with:
“There will be stains
And unholy chains
When you talk
In matters of love
But the beast isn’t blind
And is often unkind
And hammers can fall
From above

But if you do your best
And I do my best
We can have it
We will rage and ravage.
Baby we were born to ruin
Baby we were born to ruin
With a stake and a stone.”

     But with the end of the lyrics, the band launches into about 50 seconds of message in the form of driving instruments. 
    The five members of the band are Dean Povinsky, Graham Plant, Tim Daugulis, Derek Bosomworth, and Dwayne Christie. They have been playing together since 2006, but didn’t release the debut album until 2011 (“Strike Hard, Young Diamond"). The second album ("…On the Heart") arrived in March, 2013.

     While we prefer Soundcloud, Wildfire seems to favor Bandcamp. So, below is “,,,On the Heart.” In addition to “Born to Ruin,” the anthems we like are tracks 11 and 12, which are respectively entitled “Lighting Tent” and “Two Hearts Race.”

     Wildlife still allows free downloads of selected early songs.

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