Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rayne - A Band Review

     We bumped into the band Rayne through their offer on NoiseTrade. For the price of an email address, Rayne allows a download of the song “Fallen.” The NoiseTrade page notes a comparison to Angels & Airwaves, but we have become skeptical of such band comparisons. Nevertheless, this is a comparison that is fitting. Rayne certainly has its own sound, but the guitar at the start of “Fallen” screams Angels & Airwaves. Then, sampling other songs by Rayne, we noticed that the instrumental “The Enlightenment” includes a portion (from the 0:25 mark to the 0:55 mark) featuring a muffled percussion sound similar to one used in a number of songs by Angels & Airwaves (such as “Breathe” and “Love Like Rockets”). But it should be emphasized that Rayne is not a knockoff of A & A; they are a very different band.
     Rayne is a trio in Sunderland in the U.K., comprising Ben Potts (Vocals/Bass Guitar), Adam Dagg (Guitar/Keys), and Steven Naisbet (Drum/Samples).

     “Fallen” by Rayne

The NoiseTrade site for the download of “Fallen” is CLICK HERE

     “My Desperation” by Rayne

     “The Enlightenment” by Rayne 

     As noted above the percussion sound that first enters at the 0:25 mark of "The Enlightenment” is similar to one used by Angels & Airwaves in songs such as "Love Like Rockets." We selected this song by Angels & Airwaves because it is the song that best matches both the guitar of "Fallen" and the muffled percussion sound of "The Enlightenment" (starting at about 0:16 in "Love Like Rockets").

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