Saturday, April 27, 2013

“So High” - Ghost Loft vs. Here Is Your Temple

     We noticed there were two songs entitled “So High” within the list of songs we were considering for blog entries. So, it made sense to combine the songs into a single entry.
     Ghost Loft is the moniker of Danny Choi, who is based in Los Angeles. The music is described as being “electronic,” but it is not the steady stream nightclub electronic. Instead, Ghost Loft presents intelligent transitions in beats and vocals. As a result, “So High” has the potential of reaching beyond the electronic fan base.
     “So High” by Ghost Loft.

     Here Is Your Temple offers a very different “So High,” but deliberateness is certainly also a feature of this song. The band is from Sweden and comprises Andreas Hourdakis (Guitar), Olle Nyman (Drums), Emily McWilliam (Vocals), Ille Borg (Bass), and Mikael Svensson (Keyboards). The steady beat has the sound of a low resolution recording, but the vocals are high resolution, particularly during the stretches of multiple vocals. And we always appreciate the detailed additions, such as the shoegaze guitar notes that start around the 2:10 mark.
     “So High” by Here Is Your Temple (The song is bundled with "Daniel")

      We also like “Once Rich,” maybe even more than “So High.”

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