Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Veils – Free, Legal and Recommended Download

     The Veils' songs tend to grow on us. That is, the reaction to hearing a new offering tends to be ambivalent, but further visits cause us to question why we didn’t recognize the song's attractiveness sooner. Admittedly they have very different signature sounds, but the same applies to new releases by Arcade Fire, which is one of our favorite bands. So, with the assumption that “Dancing with the Tornado” will experience the phenomenon, we post the song while The Veils are offering free downloads. The duration of the offering is not predictable.
    The Veils are based in London and the current members are Finn Andrews, Sophia Burn, Dan Raishbrook, Raife Burchell, and Uberto Rapisardi.
    The band has an appearance at The Independent in San Francisco on April 24, 2013. At least for now, tickets are still available. 

     "Dancing with the Tornado" by The Veils

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