Friday, January 3, 2014

“A Family Sketch” – A Song Review

     When “guest musicians” assist a band in recording its song, the song is likely to have a fuller sound. But when the guests are a skilled string quartet and the band is a Rock-based group with a flair for falsetto, the increase in fullness is likely to be accompanied by an increase in texture. That is what occurs in “A Family Sketch” by Call to Mind. The guest musicians are the Cairn String Quartet.
     “A Family Sketch” includes an introduction that does not possess a recognizable melody. Then, at the 0:49 mark, the first note from a piano arrives and the piano is soon joined by the falsetto vocals. The piano doesn’t let up until the final seconds.

     Call to Mind does not refer to itself as a band. Instead, the members describe themselves as being “a Glasgow-based collective from Ardersier, in the Highlands of Scotland.” The members of the collective are Martin Ross, Jamie Ross, Andrew Masson, Joe Smillie, and Steven Gribbin. 
     Moreover, the Cairn String Quartet is not a quartet. The Facebook page of the quartet lists the members as:
Annemarie McGahon (viola)
Katie Rush (violin)
Catherine Robertson (violin)
Susan Applebe (cello)
Elspeth McKay (cello)
Jenna McNeill (viola)
Gregely Horvath (violin)
Gillian Grant (violin)
Emma Bragg (violin)
Charlotte Penketh (viola)
Emma Allingham (violin)
Fiona Morrison (cello)

     Currently, Call to Mind is offering “A Family Sketch” as a free download.

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