Monday, January 6, 2014

LVLS (Loveless) – A Band Review

          If we had committed to a New Year’s resolution (we did not), it would have been to consider a song for at least a week before dedicating a post to the song or the band that introduced the song. It is too easy to make a mistake in judgment until a song is heard multiple times and in multiple moods. Well, the resolution would have lasted only five days. This morning, we heard the song “Echoes” by LVLS (pronounced Loveless), then listened to other songs by the band, and quickly decided that we couldn’t wait to share
     Admittedly, we favor songs with the combination of male and female vocalization. We also favor songs that emphasize the guitar. “Echoes” has both features. And it includes band chants. Resolution or not, the song is blogworthy. LVLS is a quintet based in Manchester. The members are Jay Gibb (vocals, guitar), Paul James (guitar), Emily Jane Conlon (guitar, vocals), Charlotte Hughes (bass, vocals) and Gaylord Knott (drums).
     LVLS released a three-song EP on January 5, 2014. The EP is entitled "Teenager" and it comprises "Echoes," "Suzi Shoes," and "Young & Cruel." It follows a four-song EP ("2 for Joy") that dropped in July 2013. Clearly, LVLS possesses the motivation and creativity to explode in 2014. We are hoping it happens for the band.
     "Echoes" by LVLS

In reviewing other songs of LVLS, we were also impressed with “It’s Only Love,” which is currently being offered as a free download.

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