Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We Were…?

     The theme of this post is the use of “We Were” as a portion of a band name or a song title. Two of the three songs are easily connected, since they are by Scottish bands that feature the guitar-driven sound that Indie Obsessive appreciates. But the third is in the Indie Pop genre, with the only connections to the other two songs being (a) the “we were” naming choice and (b) we like the song.
     We Were Promised Jetpacks is preparing to release a live album and to head to the U.S. for another tour. Among the songs on the album is “Peace Sign” and among the tour stops is a return to Bimbo’s 365 in San Francisco (February 22). The members of this Scottish Indie Rock band are Adam Thompson (vocals, guitar), Michael Palmer (guitar), Sean Smith (bass) and Darren Lackie (drums).
     We Were Promised Jetpacks has not received the same level of attention in the U.S. that the band receives in Europe, but their song “Keeping Warm” was used as the background music in our favorite commercial of 2012 (a beer commercial in which a large number of pre-prepared people unexpectedly show up to rabidly cheer teams engaged in an adult recreational hockey game – the commercial can be seen at the Youtube site – CLICK HERE).  
      “Peace Sign” by We Were Promised Jetpacks

Website: http://www.wewerepromisedjetpacks.co.uk/

     The second “We Were” is a song title. Glasgow-based This Silent Forest offers the song "We Are We Were.” The song was in a previous post, but it is included here because it fits the theme and because the appreciation for the song continues to grow. The first segment is instrumental, the second segment is vocals-driven, and the third is a where-did-that-come explosion of sound.
     The members of This Silent Forest are Graeme Macdonald (vocals and rhythm guitar), Jamie Sturt (lead guitar and vocals) Evan Macdonald (drums) and JJ McGowan (bass and vocals).
     "We Are We Were” by This Silent Forest

     The third song is by We Were Evergreen, which is a trio that claims ties to both London and Paris. The members are Michael Liot, Fabienne Débarre, and William Serfass. The song “Daughters” hit Soundcloud only six days ago. While the trio has been together for awhile and has released other songs, “Daughters” evidences a musical maturity relative to their past work.
      “Daughters” by We Were Evergreen

Two songs that would be included if “we were” to find legal streaming:
1. Killing Fields of Ontario’s “When We Were Born”
2. London Grammar’s “When We Were Young”

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