Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Our Favorite “Youths” of Last Year

      It is common to personify a new year as a baby. The future is ahead; there's no reason to look back. To our knowledge, there are no 2014 releases to consider. So, this post will merge the day's theme of youth with the music of last year. Here are our favorite songs of 2013 that carry the title "Youth."

     Parks, Squares and Alleys is solo artist Sergei Khavro. He is based in Khabarovsk, a city in Russia about 19 miles (30 kilometers) from the border with China. That’s amazing in itself. The music of a solo artist is getting notice, despite the artist being in a city somewhat isolated from the rest of the country in which it resides, and that country is somewhat isolated from the rest of the music world. It speaks to the attractiveness of the artist’s work and the power of the Internet.
     According to his Facebook page of Parks, Squares and Alleys, Sergei is 19 years old. For the song “Youth” he is the singer and the guitarist.

The song is available at a name-your-price amount on the Bandcamp site - CLICK HERE
The song "Forest" is also available on Bandcamp - CLICK HERE

     The London-based band Daughter has been featured in Indie Obsessive, so we will merely embed their song “Youth.”

     Yes, Young Braves were in the post of December 30. But the fact is, we like their song “Youth.”

     The last “Youth” is from Sweden. Simian Ghost released the album “Youth” in 2012, but we failed to hear it until 2013. The three members are Sebastian Arnström, Erik Klinga, and Mathias Zachrisson.

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