Tuesday, January 7, 2014

“Breathe Again” by Face the Ocean – A Song Review

     We loved the group Angels & Airwaves, until seeing them in concert. The sound system was poorly setup at the venue. It wasn’t the fault of the band, so it is unfair to let the experience negatively affect our appreciation of Angels & Airwaves. But we cannot help ourselves. Each time a song by the band is played, we return to the disappointment of the experience.
     Nevertheless, the appreciation for the characteristics of the Angels & Airwaves’ sound has not diminished. That is, when a group offers the A & A guitar work that originally grabbed our attention, we take notice.
     With that said, Indie Obsessive welcomes Face the Ocean and its guitars. The band is based in South Shields, Britain. The members are James Dugdale (rhythm guitar), Paul Holmes (bass), Daniel Rickman (lead guitar and keys), Andrew Stickley (vocals), Lee Girdlestone (drums), and Jamie Lowes (who made this a “six man team”).
     “Breathe Again“ by Face the Ocean

     “The Promise” by Face the Ocean.

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