Saturday, January 11, 2014

“Leave the Door Wide Open” by NO – A Song Review

     We have said it before, “Sometimes we will go to a concert with the thought, ‘If they nail this one song, anything else we like will be a bonus.’”

     Well, the Echo Park (Los Angeles) band named NO will be touring to promote the album “El Prado,” which is scheduled to drop on February 18. At each performance, NO will perform “Leave the Door Wide Open.” If they nail that song, anything else will be a bonus. 
     The song was aired during the November 7, 2013 episode of Late Night with Carson Daly, but didn’t start grabbing much attention until it became available for streaming on Soundcloud and then appeared on Carson Daly again last night. There are two alerts:
     1. NO will be appear at The Chapel in San Francisco on Friday February 20th. The band will support a) The Soft White Sixties and b) Cannons and Clouds.
     2. Temporarily, NO is allowing free downloads of “Leave the Door Wide Open” from Soundcloud. Almost certainly, this will end on or before the February 18th release of “El Prado.”
[March 6 Update - The song is available as a legal free download during March. For information go to]

Embedded below is the Soundcloud version and the Carson Daly performance (which starts about three minutes into the Youtube video.
     “Leave the Door Wide Open" by NO

"We make some noise inside our room and call it art.
Don’t worry if it’s a cold night, cause we all go up in flames
We fall heavy but we’re so light
So leave the door wide open."

The members of NO are Bradley Hanan Carter (lead singer), Sean Daniel Stentz (bass), Reese Richardson (guitar), Ryan Lallier (guitar), Simon Oscroft (keyboards), and Michael Walker (drums).

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