Saturday, January 18, 2014

John Newman at Rickshaw Stop – A Concert Review

John Newman at Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco
     On January 16, John Newman continued his five-city U.S. tour with a stop in San Francisco.  A more inclusive U.S./Canada visit is scheduled for late March and much of April. It will include performances at Coachella and a return to San Francisco (April 14 at The Independent).
     This San Francisco show was at Rickshaw Stop. Newman was accompanied by the same musicians and backup singers that appeared during his U.S. television debut on Ellen. That debut is embedded below, but it is not an accurate representation of the experience of his live shows. Surprisingly, while “Love Me Again” is the most popular of his recorded songs and has a soulful side, it doesn’t have the same “wow factor” of some of his other songs. It will probably be much different at a festival the size of Coachella, but in the small venue, the songs that were most appreciated by the music lovers were those that were heavy-dose soulful. One example is “Easy.”

     It is difficult to track the sequence of songs without pen and paper, but this is the best recollection:
1. Tribute
2. Try
3  Cheating
4. Easy
5. All You Need
6. Out of My Head
7. Running
8. Losing Sleep
9. Down the Line
10. Gold Dust

11. Not Giving In
12. Love Me Again

     The line waiting to enter the Rickshow Stop:

     This is a video from the performance at the Rickshaw Stop. It was uploaded by someone we do not know, but we say “Thank you.”

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