Thursday, January 9, 2014

“From the Indie Obsessive Mailbox” - Select All Delete Save As

     Every week, we receive a good number of email invitations to review music. For the high percentage of invitations, we respectfully and appreciatively decline. There are a variety of reasons for declining. Just as an example, a song may be outside our musical tastes.
     However, this week an invitation arrived that we were pleased to accept, despite some peculiarities. The band name resembles a software drop-down menu, much more than it does a means for identification. Moreover, the number of commands that combine to form the band name (three) is close to the number of different sentences within the song being considered.
     The name is the band is Select All Delete Save As and the song is “Modern Life Is War.” The band started as the British duo of Anthony Walker and Terry Emm, but the press release (pasted below) announces the addition of Rachael McVay and Jono McMillan. Without question, the female voice adds to the attractiveness of "Modern Life Is War."

We got a whole lot done.

Modern Life is war, it's all it's good for,
I am a social creature trapped behind these walls.

We got a whole lot done.

Yes modern life is war, essentially the searching doesn't give us answers anymore,
I find the cure, I finally open up that door, to find......

We got a whole lot done.

“Modern Life Is War” is the debut single from upcoming Jersey band Select All Delete Save As. The band started when duo Antony Walker and Terry Emm met at University and started recording experimental rock music in their halls. A series of EPs were produced and distributed about the campus, becoming legendary for their spontaneity and odd subject matter.  As a culmination of these recordings and their time at University the band released their almost self-titled debut album ‘Selectalldeletesaveas’ in 2011.

‘Modern Life is War’ is their debut single and will appear on their second album ‘Ultra Cultura’ due out April 2014. The band’s sound has developed significantly since their Uni days and their debut album, with the addition of Rachael McVay adding an emotionally charged female vocal and mixing and percussion maestro Jono McMillan fine tuning their palette of instrumentation.

”Modern Life Is War is a song about desperation.” Says Emm. ”It is very hard to live a life these days without participating in a social system which too frequently exploits and degrades the individual”, he explains when discussing the track, which has a haunting post-rock feel, with a swelling, rising and falling hooky guitar motif at it’s core.

Continuing on the theme of the track, Walker says “We are the only species on the planet which has to pay for its own existence. Life can feel like war sometimes, an endless battle to keep afloat and this is a song that defiantly celebrates the futility of so called 'Modern Life’ ”.

The single is an exciting calling card of a band that have developed themselves naturally and organically over time and are creating new music echoing an array of quality influences from Modest Mouse and At The Drive In to Sonic Youth. Their music comes from a background of collaborative experience and has grown through into something uniquely engaging and rightfully their own.

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  1. This is the first ever review in the United States of the band. Very much appreciated and we hope you will like the Ultra Cultura album.
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