Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Duologue – A Band Review

     Starting with last Saturday, this is a week in which life is getting in the way of music. Oh well, it happens. As a response, it is time to use low impact post (“low” in terms of time requirements). But the decrease in the investment of time is not a reflection of the degree of interest in the posted music.
     In theatre, a “duologue” is a performance in which the speaking roles are limited to two performers. We’re not sure how this translates to the selection of Duologue as the name of the London-based band that comprises Tim Digby-Bell (vocals, guitar), Toby Leeming (live programming & beats), Seb Dilleyston (violin), Toby Lee (guitars), and Ross Stone (bass).
     What is apparent from their music is that the band does not settle for finding a single rhythm around which an entire song will be built. Rather, Duologue often travels through a collection of musical emotions within a single song. The best example of this is “Push It.”

      “Constant" has a Radiohead feel to it, but is sufficiently different to stay out of that tangle of Radiohead-like music.

     At least for now, Duologue is offering a free download of "Song & Dance," which includes "Push It" and "Constant."

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