Saturday, January 11, 2014

Noisetrade Opportunities – Another Strong Collection

     A second strong 2014 mixtape is available already. It is a collection from Harvest Records in Hollywood, California. While it is offered as a free download, tips are appreciated and will be given to a worthy cause – Oxfam America, which helps fund disaster relief efforts in the Philippines. Quoting the Noisetrade information:
     "Harvest Records is pleased to present our first mixtape, featuring 12 songs from 12 Harvest artists. Harvest is dedicated to true artist development, with a diverse roster, spanning all genres of music, from every corner of the globe. We hope you enjoy and discover some new music that you love as much as we do. Harvest will donate the net proceeds raised from the mixtape's tips to Oxfam America, to help fund disaster relief efforts in the Philippines. Happy new year."

     Embedded below is the Noisetrade offer. By clicking on the arrow within the embedded offer, you can sample all 12 tracks of the mixtape. Because Soundcloud versions of the songs are more easily manipulated, we also embedded the Soundcloud versions of the Indie Obsessive recommendations from the mixtape.

     "Carter" by Arthur Beatrice 

     "This Is What It Feels Like" by Banks

     "Sleeping Giant" by Bootstraps

     "Is this How You Feel?" by The Preatures

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