Thursday, September 18, 2014

“Bodies” by Slow Skies – A Song Review

     On a day when the political focus within the British Isles is on the Scottish vote for or against independence from the U.K., Indie Obsessive looks to Ireland for music. Slow Skies released “Bodies” this week. The attraction to Slow Skies remains on the often child-like vocalization with an interruption that evidences the actual strength of the group’s vocal skills. The difference in “Bodies” is the increased emphasis on shoegaze guitar. Patrick O’Laoghaire appears to have left Slow Skies for his own project (I Have a Tribe), so we don’t know who thank.
     “Bodies” will be on the upcoming EP entitled “Keepsake.” Slow Skies in based in Dublin. They are the duo of Karen Sheridan and Conal Herron, with Sheridan being the voice and Herron providing production.
    The release dates for the "Keepsake" EP are September 26 in Ireland, September 29 in the U.K. and September 30 in the U.S.

     "Bodies" by Slow Skies

     "On the Shore" by Slow Skies

     "Across the Sea" by Slow Skies

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