Friday, September 19, 2014

“Kneel and Pray” by Guy Blakeslee – A Song Review

     It’s the “pig vs chicken” discussion regarding a ham and eggs breakfast. Yes, the chicken is an important contributor - having given up the eggs. But it’s the pig who is “all in.” For ”Kneel and Pray,” the instruments make an important contribution, but the vocals are “all in.” From the start, Guy Blakeslee establishes an energy and a conviction to the message. The energy and conviction are maintained throughout the song, only allowing the instruments a couple of very short opportunities to step forward.
     Guy Blakeslee is scheduled to drop an album on October 27. “Kneel and Pray” is one track on the album, which is entitled “Ophelia Slowly.” Blakeslee is based in Los Angeles, where he has been performing as a member of The Entrance Band, a neo-psychedelic trio.

     “Kneel and Pray” by Guy Blakeslee 

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