Wednesday, September 3, 2014

“Open Casket” by ALBAKIN – Still an Only Child

     The song “Open Casket” entered the blogosphere in April 2014. Its strengths were described very well by other bloggers, so we decided to wait until the band released more material. Since patience is not an abundant resource at Indie Obsessive, today a visit was made to the Facebook page of the band to see if there was any news. There was, but not good news:
     "Albakin-likers! It hurts to have to tell you that our computer, with all new songs for you to listen to, got stolen last week.
     We are looking on possibilities to retrieve the lost songs, but until then you should keep on playing 'Open Casket' on repeat!

Stay tuned,

     So, with very little knowledge of the band (Sweden’s Albakin) or its members (at least one was previously with Costume Kids; and they don’t believe in data backup), but with a strong appreciation for the song and its Dream Pop presentation, we embed “Open Casket.”

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