Monday, September 15, 2014

“Wildfire” by TOTEM – From the IO Mailbox

     OK, we have another confession. The Indie Obsessive bloggers can be stubborn (an admission that doesn’t shock any of our friends). We resist featuring artists who create mystery around their identities. But as in physics, if you apply sufficient force, resistance is overcome. There is a force to the song “Wildfire” by TOTEM.
     In doing some research to determine the identity of TOTEM, the term “enigmatic” appeared on a regular basis. And emails that invited Indie Obsessive to review songs stated, “TOTEM, the enigmatic artist/songwriter who has gotten an array of great responses on the release of his demos starting last fall, recently wrapped up the first of a new round of fresh and melodious material. So, all we have is a Facebook site and an appreciation for the song “Wildfire.”


According to the email invitation to review the song:
     "Wildfire is about this thing that can be passionate one moment and volatile the next. and is there a difference? Or is it the headspace that you're in from moment to moment? There's that situation where the good times almost make it worth all the other shit, but the other shit is what sticks with you. like you can't unburn something when you already have ashes. and there's this "oh shit" moment when you realize you're about to get burned that's the setting for this song."

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