Monday, September 29, 2014

“Walking on Wires” by Cut Ribbons – A Song Review

     Indie Obsessive doesn’t have a preference of male vocals over female. Well, maybe a slight preference, but it is close. On the other hand, if the voices go into the falsetto range, the clear preference is male. In fact, the difference is so significant that we gravitate toward bands that regularly use male falsetto (for example, our early attraction to Bastille) and resist any gravitational pull by female falsetto. The female voice, by nature, is high enough.
     Hey, there are exceptions. We enjoy the use of female falsetto by the band Cut Ribbons. And Indie Obsessive particularly recommends their song “Walking on Wires.” Cut Ribbons is based in Wales (Llanelli). The members are Aled Rees (vocals and guitar), Anna Griffiths (vocals), Shane Lee (bass), Christian James (guitar), and Caio Griffiths (drums).

     “Walking on Wires” by Cut Ribbons

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