Thursday, September 25, 2014

Seattle Sounds – S(Jenn Ghetto) and Duke Evers

     At the least, Seattle should be mentioned in every discussion about cities in the U.S. that continuously generate worthwhile Indie music. A strong argument can be made that during the 1990s, Seattle was the most influential U.S. city with respect to the direction of music. Today, we’re not sure any city should be singled out for the “Most Influential” trophy, but Seattle ranks with Austin, Brooklyn, Nashville and Portland in any competition for the “Remarkably Prolific” award.
     This blog post is about two Seattle bands that are receiving local attention, but deserve more widespread notice. We thank Ashlee C. for alerting us to the recent activity of Jenn Ghetto (Ashlee is a transplant to Seattle from the SF Bay Area). Ghetto released the album “Cool Choices” on Tuesday (September 23). One track is “Vampires,” which was featured as the KEXP “Song of the Day” on August 22, 2014. “Vampires” is lyrically interesting, particularly the different streams of seemingly disconnected terms (for example, “Tee shirt, left out, airplanes, phone calls, new friends, vampires”). But Indie Obsessive is partial to the song “Let the Light In,” because of its use of vocal layering.
     Jenn Ghetto performs under the name/initial “S” and is joined on the album by friends Betsy Olson (bass) and Carrie Murphy (guitar).  Previously, Ghetto was a member of the Indie band Carissa’s Weird.
      “Let the Light In” by S (Jenn Ghetto)

      “Vampires” by S (Jenn Ghetto)

     The second Seattle-based band is the duo named Duke Evers. They also had a Tuesday release. The EP “Handful of Pennies” was dropped, with its high energy tracks containing a small measure of Folk and a greater quantity of Rock. “Seaside” is the song that receives the highest marks from Indie Obsessive.
     Duke Evers comprises Kyle Veazey (drums and vocals) and Josh Starkel (guitar and vocals). In addition to being the name of the band, Duke Evers was the name of a character in at least one of the Rocky movies. 
     “Seaside” by Duke Evers

     “Lions” by Duke Evers

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