Saturday, September 6, 2014

"Whittaker” by Playwrite – A Song Review

     At different times within the song, it’s the use of horns, cymbals, or harmonization that makes “Whittaker” deserving of more attention that it currently receives outside of Australia. The vocalization is pure and the production is flawless.
     Playwrite claims Melbourne as its hometown. If forced to select a single genre, we would go with Indie Folk. But when listening to some of their other offerings, such as “Lady Oracle,” that genre designation doesn’t seem as appropriate. The members of Playwrite are Jordan White, Patrick Holcombe, Scott Barton, Sonny Igusti and Caity Fowler.
     “Whittaker” by Playwrite

Speaker Sessions: Playwrite - Whittaker from Speaker TV on Vimeo.

     “Lady Oracle” by Playwrite

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