Thursday, September 11, 2014

Colony House, Knox Hamilton and Adventure Galley – A Concert Review

     Bottom Line Concert Review – We were wrong. The trio of bands provided a broader range of music than anticipated. The songs and the approaches of the three bands were complimentary of each other, rather than being duplicative. Two songs that are currently receiving play on satellite radio are “Silhouettes” by Colony House and “Work It Out” by Knox Hamilton. On the basis of the songs, we were prepared for a Pop-heavy evening, and had reached a point at which we looked forward to one. It was not a Popfest – it was better.

     Colony House was the headliner. The band is based in Franklin, Tennessee, which is adjacent to Nashville. They classify themselves as an alternative rock band, however, as mentioned above, that was not what we anticipated. The members are Caleb Chapman, Will Chapman and Scott Mills. While it’s not a knock on the other two bands, Colony House had the best connection with the people in attendance.  They seemed to have a strong San Francisco following as many of the viewers were singing along to nearly every song. Lead singer, Caleb gave a special shout out to his brother, drummer Will, which resonated well with the crowd. Each member had a great stage presence and performed with emotion and spirit. The band had stepped off stage after their final song, as everyone chanted for an encore; the group came out to perform their final song, one off their first album.  It was enjoyable to appreciate their earlier sounds as well as their newest songs.  We were most excited to hear "Silhouettes" which they played second to last and is featured below.

“Silhouettes” - Currently this is a free download 

      Knox Hamilton is a four-member band from Little Rock, Arkansas. They are Boots Copeland (bass, guitar and vocals), Bradley Pierce (keys and vocals), Cobo Copeland (percussion) and Drew Buffington (guitar).


     Adventure Galley opened the evening. They may not have said a word on stage, other than the song lyrics. However, the members were friendly and outgoing as they worked the “merch table” or as they merely meandered around. They are based in Portland, Oregon and identify their genre as Glow Wave.

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