Friday, January 22, 2016

“Blue Inside” by OnDeadWaves – A Song Review

     Almost certainly, everyone who pays some attention to music experiences moments of sudden appreciation – times in which a song triggers a surge of emotion. The emotion might be an exhilaration that’s triggered by the energy of the song, or it might be a more gentle emotion triggered by an appreciation of beauty.
      We experience an increased appreciation of the beauty of music when “Blue Inside” hits its 0:42 mark. The song is by onDeadWaves (aka On Dead Waves). At 0:42, the vocals switch from a single, slightly anguished voice to a harmonized, tender approach. The song has an impact each time it’s played. We were curious whether “Blue Inside” had a similar effect on others, so we took a quick look at the Hype Machine data associated with the song. As of today, five other blogs have praised the song, but there are only thirteen Hype Machine subscribers who clicked the heart icon associated with “Blue Inside.” That’s more evidence that music lovers are built differently.

    “Blue Inside” by onDeadWaves

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