Sunday, January 17, 2016

“Daydreamers” by Glint – A Song Review

     The song “Daydreamers” by Glint changed our lives. OK, not in the macro sense, as when music provides clarification and perspective on life. Rather, the song was life changing in the micro sense, since we dropped other immediate plans and started looking for upcoming performances by Glint. Sadly, they aren't scheduled for SXSW or anywhere within the San Francisco area.

     Glint is a New York-based band. The members are Jase Blankfort and Anders Fleming. Their genre is Arena-ready Rock, which typically requires more than two members to generate in a live performance. There is a Youtube video of Glint playing "Daydreamers" at the Glamercy Theatre in New York nearly a year ago. The video shows four members; and they successfully built a "wall of sound." Embedded below is the Soundcloud stream of "Daydreamers." The waveform shows a decrescendo occurring at three-quarters of the way through the song (explosively ending at 3:30). This period of relative quiet resides between two "walls."
     Glint will release its debut album, "Inverter" on March 11 (via Seattle's Votiv). 

     “Daydreamers” by Glint


     “While You Sleep” by Glint 

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