Sunday, January 24, 2016

Castles in Air” by Seawaves – A Song Review

    “Castles in Air” begins with a sitar-esque instrument. Soon, there are group vocals and tireless, high energy percussion. Through much of the song, harmonization is easily distinguishable from the typical “blended voices approach.” Instead, one voice is melodic and soothing, while the second is pained. A good example of the soothing/pained vocals is the periodic combination that starts at 1:12, with the statement “A winner every step of the way.” These are some of the characteristics that push “Castles in Air” toward the top of our different playlists.

     “Castles in Air” is the work of Seawaves, a Dreampop duo from Manchester, England. They are Si Van Brussel and Daniel Benjamin.

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