Sunday, January 3, 2016

“Waves Sara” by Bird Passengers – A Song Review

     “Waves Sara” begins with a distant “woooo” and a piano, but soon introduces slightly hushed vocals and guitar. Then, thirty seconds into the song, Bird Passengers launches the energy by unleashing the percussion. The sequence is repeated later in the song, but the percussion enters with a more forceful presence. The arrangement is highly effective.
     It’s not until the final half minute of “Waves Sara” that there is evidence that the band can justly consider its music to be in the Electro-Pop genre. Bird Passengers is based in Sacramento, California. Their Soundcloud account identifies them as the duo of Nate Dodge and Jonathan Jones, but their Bandcamp description includes Caleb Loveless as a contributor. 
     "Waves Sara" is a track on the EP "Mountain to Cover," which is available via the Bandcamp page identified below.

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