Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Slospeak - Noisetrade Tuesday

      Until our library of Noisetrade recommendations is exhausted, most Tuesdays will feature a Noisetrade offer of songs available for the price of an email address.

     As an indication of how long we have considered this theme, the first Noisetrade Tuesday features a summer release. There are 18 songs from artists under the Slospeak Records label. The songs and the artists are included below. Sample "Aftermath" if you enjoy Imagine Dragons and sample "WAKE UP" if you are partial to piano. The vocals in "Fire In My Bones" are certainly worthwhile.

1. "Aftermath” by Fever Fever
2. “Bugs” by Talkie
3. “Fire In My Bones” by Fleurie
4. “In A Dream” by Golden Youth
5. “Noises” by Mike Main and the Branches
6. “Forget You In LA” by Poema
7. “Witches” by Ravenhill
8. “Lifted Away” by Joseph
9. “Nothing Left To Lose” by Pioneer
10. “Start Somewhere” by A Yawn Worth Yelling
11. “Don't Spit In The Sink” by Cardboard Kids
12. “I Do What I Want” by Secret Club
13. “Hush” by Cappa
14. “Get Better” by Million Trillion
15. “Start Again” by YØUTH
16. “When My Heart Says Goodbye” by Chasing Lovely
17. “Go Slow” by Lenachka
18. “WAKE UP” by The Mailboxes

     “Fire In My Bones” by Fleurie

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