Friday, January 8, 2016

“Synthetica” by Small Culture – A Song Review

     Polyrhythmic and vocally layered – It is a difficult to write and record a melodically pleasing song that incorporates both features through most of the song. “Synthetica” by Small Culture is melodically pleasing. At times, it sounds as if the different vocalists are completely unaware of the existence of each other; yet, the composite vocalization is somehow cooperative.
     Indie Obsessive has confessed its strong appreciation for vocal layering. But only when done well. Vocally layering is like watching network news. The network news channels will introduce a number of people with conflicting views, and then allow them to talk over each other. In most situations, the urge is to reach for the remote. However, sometimes it just works. In music, it isn’t just luck that vocal layering works. Too often, the urge is to reach for the “next” button. That’s not the case with “Synthetica.”

     Small Culture is based in San Diego, California. The Facebook page of Small Culture identifies only Jerik Centeno. The page states:
Small Culture is a kaleidoscope of sounds. The name represents coming from a small island with lots of culture.”
The selection of the term “kaleidoscope” is appropriate. When listening to "Synthetica," if one element is “turned” relative to other elements, the perception changes significantly, but the song remains pleasing. 

     “Synthetica” by Small Culture

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