Thursday, January 14, 2016

“We Could Be” by The Hunna – A Song Review

     The Hunna have a sequel to “Bonfire.” They go so far as to specifically reference the earlier song. In describing the troubled relationship during “Bonfire,” a vocal hook was “And we blew up like a bonfire.” The latest release is “We Could Be,” which sends the message that the other person is going to regret not making more of an effort when The Hunna are rockstars and their song comes on the car radio. But there won’t be any regret on the part of the band member:
When you're in your car with your driver
You'll hear how we blew up like a bonfire
We won't stop until we get more
I bet you wish that you bothered
When this band gets uncovered
Don't worry yeah we recovered

“We Could Be” by The Hunna 


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