Wednesday, January 27, 2016

“I&I” by LUH (Lost Under Heaven) – A Video Post

     We all have unexplainable attractions. They’re not “guilty pleasures,” since they don’t carry any feeling of compromise of judgement or conduct. Instead, the feeling is that the strength of the attraction is inconsistent with other judgements. For Indie Obsessive, an unexplainable attraction is toward the voice of Ellery James Roberts.

     We were disappointed when Roberts left WU LYF. Turns out, it worked well. He joined forces with Ebony Hoorn to form LUH, which is an acronym for Lost Under Heaven. The beauty of Hoorn’s voice complements the rawness and roughness of Roberts’. The song “Unites” rivals the work of Roberts in his “earlier life.” Well, look out, because “I&I” has arrived. The song takes advantage of the vocal skills of both members, and adds an orchestra. Initially, it’s merely a gentle piano. As the song progresses, the orchestral instruments raise “I&I” to a higher emotional level.

     According to the text below the post of the video on Youtube:
   "'I&I' is the opening to the work we spent the past 18 months developing. The visual was directed by Ebony Hoorn & Florian Joahn.
   'I&I' speaks of impulse & limitation, the thoughts that pass thru the morning air, the embers of a dreams left unspoken then forgotten. The visual [portrays] the taunts of duality, invocation of the rising sun to find the courage to act.
   The song was produced in collaboration with the Haxan Cloak on Osea May 2015 and is released courtesy of Mute Records 2016."

Lyrics of “I&I” are merly:
There’s signs in this early morning
As mindful you wake from your sleep
There’s life in this early morning
A life you want to lead
If you’re not ready
Lay down and fall back to sleep 


     “Unites” by LUH

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