Monday, June 13, 2016

“All Day All Night” by River Whyless – A Song Review

     “All Day All Night” is for the musically adventurous. River Whyless is not merely a collection of individuals with alluring voices and abilities to play instruments. The members of River Whyless are musicians. There are many "hopefuls" (including myself) who work to play an instrument, but don’t have the skill to identify subtle improvements to an already strong song or its performance. Musicians have that skill.
     River Whyless self-identifies itself as “an amalgamation of folk and pop and beyond.” In “All Day All Night,” they add a touch of the Middle Eastern sound, with the various instruments and how those instruments are used. It’s sometimes difficult to identify the sources of the sounds – a violin sometimes being plucked and other times being played with the bow.  

     River Whyless is based in Asheville, North Carolina. The members are Ryan O'Keefe (guitars, vocals), Halli Anderson (violin, vocals), Alex McWalters (drums, percussion) and Daniel Shearin (bass, vocals, harmonium, cello, banjo). The band recently signed with Roll Call Records and will release their label debut on August 26. 
     “All Day All Night” by River Whyless

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