Thursday, June 9, 2016

“Ink-World” by Suddenly Human – A Song Review

     Sadly, patience is not our strength. Still, impatience is both a positive and a negative when the flow of new music is rapid. It’s a positive because a willingness to make quick decisions allows a music lover to efficiently move through the flow. It’s a negative when that music lover doesn’t listen long enough to make an informed decision. Missing a strong song is too easy.

     “Ink-World” by Suddenly Human should come with a warning: “Don’t judge this song without listening beyond the intro that lasts slightly more than a minute." It is only after the intro that the piano and guitar reveal the heart of “Ink-World.” And it’s only around the 3:20 mark, when the instrument support is reduced to a single repeating piano note, that the vocal skills of Suddenly Human are fully revealed.

     “Ink-World is a single on Suddenly Human’s album entitled “Elements On Changing Ways." Other songs that we recommend are “Artefacts” and “Tuvana-i-Ra.”
     The band is from Halle (Saale)/ Weimar, Germany. The members of Suddenly Human are Philipp Saaler (vocals, synthies), Hannes Kiesewetter (guitar, backing vocals), Konstantin Brandt (bass, backing vocals) and Thomas Noack (drums).

     “Ink-World” by Suddenly Human

Lyrics of “Ink-World”
Did you see the rain?
My ink-world decays around me
Flashbacks flash up
The fog is creeping over the concrete
And in the air tonight
I’ve opened my mouth wide.

Cherry-blossom storm
Within a thousand unique forms
A blanket keeps you warm
Orphaned hours ticking backwards, loud
As clearly as I can’t remember
As clearly as I can’t remember.

Changing doors and names
All your names
All your names
Scratched off letters falling on the ground
Sweep up residue
Your control isn’t my illusion anymore.

Come on let me out
Of the globe
Let me out
I’m just blinded by the rush, hush
The absinthe
Feel the heat
Feel the heat
Isolation’s growing
Right now
Right now
As clearly as I can’t remember.

Black tides rising high
Swallowing me down, down
Can’t resist the dark
Like mosquitos yearning for my blood.

Swimming across
Swimming across
Swimming across the amber sea
Before it congeals
Living fossils dream alone.

As clearly as I
As clearly as I can’t remember

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