Wednesday, June 22, 2016

“I Love My Lawyer” by Ofelia K – A Song Review

     Because one of our staff members holds a JD degree, ignoring the title “I Love My Lawyer” just wasn’t going to happen. Still, it’s the strength of the song that makes it blogworthy, not its title. Lyrically, the song by Ofelia K shows a sweetness, with nearly equal portions of self-confidence and vulnerability. Melodically, “I Love My Lawyer” has a bounce that feels natural, rather than forced. Instrumentally, there’s an attractive simplicity (for example, the whistling may be brief, but it’s effective). Most importantly, the combination of elements is synergistic.

     If asked for a favorite feature of “I Love My Lawyer” by Ofelia K, our choice would be the harmonization that kicks in at 3:35. The earlier occurrences of the verse (and its internalized negotiation regarding the acceptable age range) set the stage for the harmonized rendition:
I love my lawyer, my
Angel in a black suit
Looks like he’s mourning 
Every time he wakes up
If you were my age,or
Close to my age
Anywhere near my age
I would marry you.

“I Love My Lawyer” by Ofelia K 

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